L.A.R.A. History

In 1982, a group of hams at TI Lewisville formed the Texins Amateur Radio Club. The club lasted until 1999, when the TI plant was closed down. At its peak, the club had about 60 members, plus a club station and a 2-meter FM repeater on 145.170 MHz. After the club shut down, the repeater was operated by a group of local hams until 2004, when it was taken out of service. It was later put back on the air in another location in Lewisville by Bob Landrum, W5FKN, who still runs and maintains it to this day.


In 2015, a new group of hams from the Lewisville area formed the current Lewisville Amateur Radio Association.


Club Mailing Address

P.O. Box 292282 Lewisville, TX 75029


2017 Amateur Radio Week Proclamation


Past Officer's Meeting Minutes


Past Meeting Minutes