Our On-Line Swap and Shop Services are Open for Posting of All Items Of Legal Nature

  • We welcome the participation of all LARA members and sister clubs.
  • Please send your For Sale, Wanted or Free Stuff posting to the webmaster using convenient Entry form at bottom of this page.   
  • Include a description of the item involved along with your name and contact information. List the asking price. A manufacturer part number will be helpful in order to locate a stock picture. If the item is a home-brew please include a photo.
  • All negotiations will be between the perspective buyer and seller. This is not a bid site.

LARA-bay Services


This is our free on-line swap-n-shop feature especially suited to the amateur radio enthusiast. It is made up of three services, For Sale, Wanted and Free Stuff.

For Sale

The For Sale page serves to announce your surplus radios, parts, tools, etc., that may just be what a fellow club member needs and is looking for.


The Wanted page items listing may help you find that elusive or hard to come by item you need to fill the empty spot in your shack.

Free Stuff

The FREE STUFF page is exactly as stated. The item or service listed is up for grabs without cost or any strings attached. Postings of things offered are solicited for the use of others in a gesture of good will.

"For Sale", "Wanted" and "Free Stuff" Listing Entry

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